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Subterranean goodies

A while back I managed to pick up a grab bag of books from Subterranean Press. I had no idea what they were going to send, but I’ve liked the authors they’ve printed that I’d already read so I figured I’d probably like their selections. Worst case, I would only get my moneys worth out of the deal.

It turns out that I got a smashing good deal. All but one of the thirteen books are hardback, and fully half are at least signed, some limited editions.

I’ve been slowly working through them, loving every minute of the new authors I would not have tried otherwise. the first book I pulled out was a Ray Bradbury I’d never heard of from the ’60’s, Golden Apples Of The Sun. That man could write. His stories of the future, if pushed out another 40 or so years, are still incredibly plausible. The characters in each of the stories are like neighbors that you’ve just met - real and interesting and with histories that make them unique and motivate their actions.

This set of stories is more true sci-fi than other collections like The Illustrated Man. There’s still the stories of unintended consequences that highlight the pitfalls of the arrogance of man, but they are more about using technology as a crutch rather than cautions against building another nuclear bomb. Overall an excellent read, with some of the stories being especially poignant tales of outcasts trying to find a place in the world.

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