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Trip to paradise

Last month, I wend on a 2 week vacation to the Caribbean. The island of Bequia, specifically. We were planning for a 10 day stay, but it takes 3 days to get to the island. I picked this island out of a sea of over 40 candidates by using the stats at WorldAtlas.com and a few simple criteria: 1) no cruise ships, 2) beach, and 3) lush vegetation.

We rented a house for 10 days on the island. It was the perfect amount of time to follow the main pastime - doing nothing other than walking to the beach and eating. We did manage to get out one day and take a cruise down to the Tobago Cays, but that was the extent of our strenuous activities. I came back form this vacation so relaxed it took 2 days of work and SNOW to make me feel back in the local timezone.

And now, pictures.

The band at the airport

The layover in San Juan

We walked to Princess Margaret beach

Hoisting the sail to go to the Cays

Many more pictures up at my site. I took about 300, most of which turned out ok.

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I love the sailboat pictures. They make me feel like it's not raining out.

Isn't that a nice fiction? There was SNOW at my house this morning. I miss the sun already.

Beautiful. Maybe the perfect vacation.

It was as close to the perfect vacation as I've ever been. If the travel time were shorter, we'd go back every year.

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