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First signs

Back on April 5th, I went insane with the warmth and sun and dragged my husband off to the nursery. We did some looking at the apple trees and currants and decided that we didn’t have enough information to commit to species yet.

But I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving empty handed. I grabbed 6 packets, some dirt and a couple of seed flats and we headed out.

The first problem came up right away. Three of the packets I’d grabbed shouldn’t be started until May. That was an easy fix - they’re sitting on a shelf waiting for the right time.

The second problem was also right away. I hadn’t realized that the seeds would need to be watered from below. I grabbed all the cookie sheets and a broiling pan and now they’re full of seed flats.

The dirt and seed planting was pretty quick. Watering the pans has also been easy, and there’s a nice south-facing window that gives them lots of sun. The third problem arose out of this situation. It was so easy to water these guys that the potting soil started to mold. Another simple fix - I cut back watering.

Two full weeks later, and there are seedlings. I don’t see any true leaves yet but it’s too early for those anyway. All three flats have seedlings so I expect to have at least a few tomato, leek and broccoli starts to go in the garden. Our 3 most consumed veggies and we’re ready to go.

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