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Home stretch - of doors and drawers

The fish tank stand is nearly done. All of the structural pieces are complete, including the dividers between the sections. This is remarkable progress, but it only makes it harder to wait for it to be deposited in its final location. The drawers below the bookshelves are assembled, only needing guides to be complete.

The hangup is the door for the center section. There must be a door, this is where all of the equipment will go. I don’t want to see canister filters and CO2 tanks, the workings of an aquascaped fish tanks are large and ugly. They detract from the simple beauty of the fish and plants. This center section was designed with an open back, to allow tubes and pumps and cables to run riot. How can I expose that muck to the world?

So, the door. The door itself is beautiful. It matches not only the side detail of the stand, but also the store-bought china cabinet and sideboard. (Does this design detail make me obsessive? Probably, but when visitors see it, the flow through the greatroom furniture will be amazing.) The trouble with this amazing door is that they don’t make hinges that allow inset cabinet doors to open when they’re recessed. So there must be a workaround that allows this amazing door to actually open.

It’s funny; the recessing of the door/shelves/drawers was in the original plans but none of the people working on this thought about the implications of this detail until I started looking to buy hinges. I tried every hinge I could get my hands on to see if they would work, ending up with the cheapest mega-retail-chain hinge because it seemed closest to what was required. I sure hope it works out and we can find a way to finagle the door around so that it opens. I’d hate for this one detail to turn out to be a deal breaker.

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Tags: fishkeeping, woodworking
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