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(no subject)

I have The Burnout, accompanied by wonderful dreams of death, murder and evil doing. It's been awesome the last week or so.

Fortunately, I have awesome friends. Hanging out with ms_monkey and our husbands was great last Friday. I drank more wine than I've had in ages and just about laughed myself silly. It was a spectacular way to unwind, even if the slideshow of their trip to England was 4 hours long.

The rest of the weekend was chores and working in the yard. But lots of stuff was completed, and I even ended up making a wonderful Mothers Day dinner for the family. Spontaneous rotisserie chicken is always a hit. The funny part is that I think today I'm mostly done being sore from moving flagstone and digging up peonies. 2 full days of soreness means that I need to use those muscles more. No more flagstone moving though. That's just nuts.

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The Burnout sucks. It was a blast having you guys over. I hear you on 2 days of soreness. I've been working out more (stay tuned to my blog for details) and just about every week, I feel muscles that need more working out. It's a never ending cycle...a good one...but yeah. I suspect setting up my veggie bed will be like that for me too come this weekend!

Are you taking pictures of your bed-building? I want to see that!

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