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Little green buds

The snow has finally (mostly) stopped. This means we’ve been able to get out and put plants in the ground. We finally committed to species for the shrubs and trees and purchased them. Black currants, 3 kinds of blueberries that take part shade and cold, and Spartan and Jonagold apple trees.

These poor little plants were sitting in their pots for a couple of weeks while we waited for a decent day to get then in the ground. Of course they didn’t wait for us, leaves and buds started appearing right away. They were so cute in their little pots, hoping to make fruit this year. We got lucky though and had a nice day to put them in the ground. It was relatively easy work, we’d had the foresight to rent an augur and pre-drill the holes. Watering them in was almost unnecessary since it has rained nearly every day since.

Now it looks like they’re leafing out like crazy. I’m not expecting actual fruit this year, but the  trees should at least bloom despite the really late start. I can’t wait to get pictures of the blossoms.

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