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Worst vet ever

I had a minor emergency with the big orange cat starting Wednesday night that resulted in us going on Thursday to the closest vet possible. In this situation, we needed to get in right away and I just couldn't convey the urgency to our regular vet people. I don't like the close vet, the first time we went he set my teeth on edge. The first sign that This Wasn't The Vet For Us was when the techs (all 3) stood behind the desk and watched me struggle with two cat carriers and the door in the rain.

But I digress.

I now know that my gut is generally right when dealing with people. The vet we visited was so full of contradictions and bad advice it wasn't funny. They gave me meds that are bad for kidneys, while telling me they couldn't give me pain meds because they're bad for kidneys. They were worried about possible diabetes, but wanted me to feed food full of carbs. They told me they found bacteria, didn't want to do a culture to find out what kind, and then didn't find any bacteria when in the results after I insisted on the test. They didn't warn me of my cats condition or what to expect from the procedures they put him through on the way home, made "oh, she's INSANE" faces at me (strongly enough that even my husband noticed and he's normally oblivious to this stuff).

The worst part? When I asked if we could shorten the course of antibiotics because they didn't find anything and the cat wasn't responding well, they wanted to either 1) sell me a new kind of meds or 2) just let me stop them whenever I feel like it. I'm going to run with them for a week because I don't want to worry about setting up some kind of resistant strain if he has something, but this vet is the reason that superbugs exist.

And he charged an arm and a leg for the privilege.

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Ugh. I hate it when professionals of any sort say contradictory things and then act like you're crazy when you ask for clarification. I won't even go back to the vet who picked Moly up by the scruff of her neck -- she's always terrified and docile at the vet's, and she practically peed herself when they handled her roughly. I hope that whatever's wrong with your kitty, he gets better quickly!

Thanks, he's much better now. The vet helped a little, but boy howdy do I wish there was a way to get people like that busted for something.

A vet actually picked Moly up by the scruff of her neck? That's horrible!

And I felt like it was my fault, because I let the poor thing stay on the scale while we waited for the vet to come in -- she feels more secure if she's huddled in a boxy thing -- and the vet just grabbed her by the neck and hauled her out. I understand that holding by the scruff can be an acceptable form of restraint in some situations, but you don't usually lift all four feet off the ground, and with a passive little cat like Moly it was just rude and frightening.

I'm glad your kitty's doing better!

I hate that feeling. Like you've done something wrong by not psychically knowing that the vet was a nutter before you went in. You'd think that there would be some compassion requirement for vets/doctors. Or at least they'd try to get to know you and your pet a little before assuming you're insane.

Both my cats are very good at the vet, and I have good control over their behavior. But some of the vets are worse behaved than the cats!

I've had other vets at the clinic offer to do the whole exam with her on the scale if it made her more comfortable. Needless to say, I liked them better!

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