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Spent a week on a boat

Took lots of pictures. I rode a horse that wanted to trot or bite me, wore my formal outfit, snorkelled without dying and caught a cold a day after we got back. It was spectacular. Now we're planning the next one. It's so nice to take a vacation where you only unpack once and eat as much as you want. Don't get me wrong, I loved Bequia too, but the sampler vacation is fun.

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Your formal outfit picture: Stunning!

Thank you! I love that outfit.

Hooray for VACATIONS now if only I could convince Matt that he'll like cruises and we don't need to go to Disney World.

Le Sigh.

Good to hear form you though, I was just today thinking that you'd fallen off the face of the earth :)

I can see him not liking it. There are a lot of people on board and lots of situations to be social in. But we did hide out in the room a lot, hanging on the balcony instead of with the rest of the ship.

I love the sampler thing though. I don't think I could stand a whole week in Cabo or Mazatlan.

(Deleted comment)
We had an awesome time. I was so refreshed after getting back it took 3 whole days and a cold to bring me down.

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