savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Breathing fail

On the way home from vacation, I caught a cold. The timing was bad (meetings + massive email + trying not to sneeze is no fun), but other than that it was no big deal. A couple of days of rest, lots of fluids and it went away without requiring any cold medicine at all.

But it left behind a friend.

It's now 3 weeks later and I still have bronchitis. I finally went to the doctor yesterday because I was tired of the spontaneous coughing for no good reason. He confirmed that I don't have swine flu ( I never felt bad enough to worry about that) and that my bronchitis was in fact a problem. Three prescriptions in hand, I left his office.

The first thing we're trying in cough syrup with codeine (I'm not taking this. Codeine hates me,) and an inhaler to stop the bronchial spasms. This is where the fail comes in. The doctor also gave me an inhaler to calm the muscle spasms. I cannot use this thing. I've never used an inhaler before, so I have terrible technique. But the worst part is that my throat closes up when I spray the mist. I have never been able to use any throat spray, and this is no exception.

I can now tell you that Albuterol tastes like Ben Gay smells. Also, the ability to breathe normally isn't something I appreciate day-to-day, but the utter fail of the last couple of weeks has put it high on my treasured list.
Tags: health
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