savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Prepping for winter

Autumn is in full swing here – the winds have picked up and its pouring down cold rain every day. That means that I’m starting to work on putting the garden to bed for the winter. It’s easy to pull the dead plants, but harder to gauge how long some of the others will last. And of course I didn’t think about this when plotting the space, so putting down the straw will be a haphazard affair. At least it will keep the weeds down over the winter and be mulch in the spring.

The good news is that we’re still getting food from the garden. The chard is producing and the broccoli and leeks that I planted as seedlings haven’t died yet. They may not survive much longer, depending on how cool it gets and how quickly it does so, but there’s hope yet. Not much, but some.

At some point, I hope to get out a summary of each plant we tried this year. Some, such as the zucchini, were amazing and easy. Others, like the herbs, failed for water. And still others totally bombed out. Can I just say that New Zealand spinach looks like nightshade? We ate none of that, or at least, I think that’s what was growing.

I’m already dreaming of seeds and sprouts for next year. We’ll definitely get the water situation sorted before it comes time to plant. I’ll even have a better system for starting seedlings, if I have my way.

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Tags: gardening, localvore
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