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Bugger this

So the Albuterol helped with my breathing fail, but it wasn't a good long term solution. Needing an inhaler every 4 hours gets old really quick, even if I did finally get the technique down and am now a champ and breathing in little particles of goop.

So I called the doctor back and now I'm on antibiotics. I have no idea what this illness is or how I got it, but I'm thankful that these are working. Oh, and that I don't have the flu that's sweeping the office. This is the worst illness year I've ever seen, especially given all the precautions people are taking to avoid swine flu. It's just silly when they put hand sanitizer in the conference rooms.

I'm hoping that the antibiotics kick this out and I don't have to go back to the doc next week. This is really eating into my slacking time.


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I had an awful time learning how to use an inhaler when I developed asthma. But if you're taking albuterol at the maximum frequency, I'm surprised they aren't putting you on a steroid inhaler to reduce inflammation. I hope the antibiotics help!

I think the inhaler was just supposed to be a stop-gap if it was viral bronchitis. Since the antibiotics have taken effect, I hardly use it at all. It's such a relief!

I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one who couldn't get it to work right away. I always assume it's just me failing

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