savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Like a butterfly flapping its wings

Building out this garden has had a very interested set of unintended consequences. Fortunately, they’ve almost all been good. But I would have never guessed at their diversity or breadth.

The first big one was fencing the yard. While an big expense, we planned for it and managed to get everything done in one long weekend by someone else. I cannot stress enough how much the someone else part of it was integral to getting this done. The compost structure we put in place 2 summers ago is still in progress because we ran out of steam after getting the 8 holes dug and the posts placed. Living on the side of a mountain means that the number and size of rocks in the dirt is prohibitive to post holing successfully.

This newly fenced area has also had a huge impact on the cats. They’re more fit since they’re going outside and they have larger running spaces. Of course, this means with these two that I must also be running, but racing a cat is hilarious so I indulge them (it also makes my husband laugh). This extra space has also reduced the amount that they fight over turf, with more interesting things to do, and the need to clean their cat boxes. Of course, the latter means we find odd deposits out in the yard, but that’s a small price to pay.

It’s even giving us someplace to put the ladybugs that plague the house and have them do something useful instead of just little the light fixtures with their corpses. I get to throw them out into the garden or drop them on the seedlings in the house. It’s fun carrying them around as long as they don’t freak out and leave something behind.

And oh, the canning and preserving. But that’s a post all its own, the complexity there and the brain cycles behind it are really something.

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Tags: gardening, green
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