savannah (onsafari) wrote,

5 weeks

It's officially the time of year when I start counting down to the solstice. The rain is getting repetitive (every day for 2 weeks makes it ooooold) and it's dark when I leave AND get back home. I can't wait for the days to start getting longer again. I'm being patient, I swear. But the countdown does actually help me remember that there's an end in sight.

Of course, the cats agree with me - they want to go out and it's not allowed in the dark. So the early morning poking/wakeup call still happens, but there's no outside time with it and as a result we're all crabby by the end of the work day. The worst part of this whole mess is that it makes it that much harder to get up and do the fun things. I swear I would turn into a recluse if I didn't have tons of interesting things happening around town all the time.

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