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(no subject)

I need a project manager for my life. There's so much stuff to do and balancing the money, time and people is making me crazy. Maybe I just need a simpler way to get this stuff into my brain or a list that's actually useful. Anyone have suggestions?

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I'm waiting to see if someone else knows the answer, but I'm pretty sure there are greek tragedies written around this particular problem.

I have been playing with mind mapping software (semantic diagram stuff, not new agey stuff) to keep notes on what my plans are. I feel comfortable with the hierarchy approach to things. Like taking a trip has nodes for buying tickets and packing (etc), and buying tickets has nodes for travel miles bonus numbers, rental car, airplane tickets... Packing has nodes to lists of items which may have other lists of items. It could be argued that I enjoy the geeky pleasure of making hierarchies rather than gaining much use from them. Don't know if that helps.

I have something sort of like this, but it's just not portable enough. I'm always having my brilliant ideas when I'm AWAY from the computer. Where is my flying car?

And yes, I would suspect that you're too busy playing with the ideas behind the architecture.

I actually prefer mojitos.

I'm big on the list making, myself. And I'd project manage your life quite cheerfully, for a small fee. ;-}

I love the lists so much I'm getting to the point where there are too many to cope with. Bullety-listy-things are great, but at this point, they're strewn everywhere and making me nuts!

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