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09 lessons – Leafy Greens

We had very mixed success with the leafy greens this year. I think part of that was not knowing the light of the new garden plot very well and part of it was the spectacular fail of watering on my part. But for the greens that actually came up, it was an interesting lot.

The arugula came up spectacularly. All 20 row feet produced plants and they are still alive even now. We managed to harvest it in a way that meant the same plants kept producing new leaves all summer long. Giant arugula salads were regular, as was sauteed arugula. We’ll definitely keep this much next year, and may even expand it a little bit.

We managed to get a few plants of the Swiss and Rainbow chard to come up. Not many, maybe half a dozen or so, but quite enough to keep us in greens all summer. With the way they produce and our culling techniques, 20 row feet next year would be overkill, assuming the watering gets sorted. We’ll also definitely need more recipes for eating it as sauteed chard gets old after a while.

The New Zealand spinach was a complete dud. It was supposed to be a variety of plant that would give us spinach without bolting in the late summer, but our summers are hardly long enough for it to grow at all. Of the 2 plants, we took no leaves for food. The plants themselves looked like weeds to start and ended looking just like deadly nightshade. I pulled them with rubber gloves, and they went into the trash. I don’t need any nightshade in my compost, thanks.

And last, the herbs. We ended up with 2 basil plants, sprouting in September. There were about 5 leaves between them. It was definitely a watering problem, but the location will be good for next year. Full sun seems to be good for productivity.

I can’t wait to start pulling lists of things for next year. There’s so much extra room in the garden it’s not even funny.

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