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I've been reading Uncluterrer, 43Folders and Lifehacker for a while even though most of their posts just don't apply. I manage to pick up tidbits from each of these sources that are useful that actually work out and I do a little dance of joy for each one.

Lately I've been on a sustainable/simple life kick that's been augmented by my desire to reduce our footprint on this world. Disposable cleansing products are so much simpler to deal with and both I and my husband hate doing chores and cleaning. But I was able to grab a tip one of those sites that mentioned getting only dishwasher-safe items for the kitchen and run with it. I found some glass rectangular containers at Costco and we're replaced all our plastic stuff with those.

So far, this has seriously reduced our chore time. The dishwasher runs more often, but the kitchen stays cleaner and I'm less frustrated with dirty counters. The dishwasher is more efficient than us at cleaning stuff too, so it's been a huge boon. It's cut down on my housegnome requirements greatly.

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yep. dishwasher only is teh roxxor. My pots and pans with a few exceptions are dishwasher safe. It was a requirement when I got them. I'm looking for new pans - I'd love to upgrade and some of them are breaking down from heavy use -- but I refuse to get pots and pans that require hand washing.
Glad to hear you're come upon a kitchen solution that works for you and environment! Who knew old school fridge containers made of glass would be so cool! You can usually pick these up at antique stores too for not too much money.

I hadn't even thought of the antique/rummage sale angle. These ones have awesome lockable lids, so they're perfect for dragging to/from work. I love them!

wow glass with lockable lids. SCORE!

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