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This morning I pulled out the Costco bottles of vitamins from the bathroom cabinet to refill my travel sized pill container as I'd run out of vitamins at work (I take them at lunch, with food). The rattling of the fish oil gelcaps in the container to try to break them up brought the big orange cat running. He shoved his way into the bathroom and did his best to let me know he was going to die without a vitamin at that exact moment.

In fact, this cats desire for fish oil was so great that he sat in front of that cabinet for 10 minutes straight, willing it to open with his mind. He would come out after enticement, but then headed right back in to continue his vigil. All this from the cat that's distracted from food by a fist held at head level for him to rub on.

This cat occasionally gets the vitamins, but lately he's been using them more as toys than food. He'll play with them, batting the little caplets all around floor and chewing at them until they finally burst and he eats the whole thing up. But recent attemps have halted when the gelcap got too gummy to be a good toy and he's been abandoning the little nearly-invisible things all around the house. This wouldn't be so bad if they weren't inevitably getting stepped on and leaving stinky fish oil patches everywhere.

But this morning, I decided that his dedication to the vigil meant he might actually eat the whole thing. In fact, it was really the only way to get him out of the bathroom. He did the batting thing for long enough that I gave up watching and made the morning coffee. When I was done, I found him licking his chops like he does after eating. I'm hoping this means that he ate the thing instead of leaving an invisible present for me to find while barefoot.

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This post amused me greatly. :) It never occurred to me kitties might love fish oil capsules.

He's a funny cat, and provides us hours of amusement.

It's particularly funny about his love for the capsules when he won't eat the liquid straight from the bottle.

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