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Setting the tone?

I have Jonathon Coultons First of May and Code Monkey in my head. This is going to be a weird day.

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I'm going to have to work very hard to remove code monkey from my mind.

I'm seriously tempted to listen to it on repeat to get it out of my system. But then, it might just get stuck forever.

maybe I used too many monkeys

Skullcrusher Island is my favorite of his songs. I've learned the chords to it on guitar and ukulele now. (I had to transpose it to D for the uke)

Re: maybe I used too many monkeys

You always use too many monkeys. And the fact that you changed keys just so you could know this on the ukulele makes you geekier than I thought. Which is really saying something.

I guess what we know what you'll be doing come May Day

This one cracks me up, which is why it gets stuck in my head. Perv.

I think the WoW video of that song is pretty hilarious, though I don't play that particular game. And on the same note...

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