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Flying thing of doom

In the wee small hours of this morning, the cat woke me up by stomping on my head. This is not unusual, he gets excited when I roll over and sometimes is just a butt. However, this morning as I was defending my pillow and head from his attacks I dropped my hand on my arm and felt something hard and slick. Being 3/4 asleep, this freaked my right the heck out and I swished it off, sat up and turned on the light to find the thing that wanted to hang out on me.

I spent a few seconds trying to find the thing I'd flicked off that left a smell and hummed after being dumped off my arm. Turns out it was a stink beetle. The same danged one that I'd picked up and tossed out of the house earlier that morning. I have no idea how he kept getting into our bedroom, but at 3:30AM I had no interest in saving his little life. I grabbed the thing that scared me to bits and flushed it down the toilet.

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Yes, in my bed. That was almost the exact same reaction I had!

EEEW no. I don't lose my turkey over bugs in my house, but in my BED? Good way to make sure I get no further sleep that night.

So true. For the most part I try to catch them and toss them outside. But this one got special treatment for the bed violation and persistence.

If I worried about every bug in the house, I'd go crazy. We seem to have acquired a colony of ladybugs. It's nearly impossible to hate those little guys.

I generally figure that if they're in my space, their lives are mine to do with as I please. If I'm feeling kind (or as you say, if it's a ladybug), it goes outside. If not . . .down the toilet with you.

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