savannah (onsafari) wrote,

48 hour friending revival

I love the idea that this is a revival. Visions of tents dancing in my head, lots of music and people having fun. via wyliekat :

From shrijani:   
Some of us are wandering back after a couple of years away from dear old LJ. We missed the community, we missed our friends, we missed the interaction. And now, for the first time in a very, very long time, some of us are all like, back and shit. And we're all going, Hey, should it be this easy to read through all of my friends page? Where'd everybody go?

We know where you went. Facebook. And maybe an external blog. Maybe, like some of us, you've been drawn back by the desire to interact with people in this setting. Go figure.

I am conducting a Friending Frenzy Revival.

Sell yourself in comments, then shop around for folks to resonate with. Link this from your journals, O wise ones. Send friends. Send strangers. Send your stranger friends. I like strange.
Tags: meta
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