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The key to fitness

I have found my key to getting to the gym without complaint. The simplicity of this key is making me happy and crazy all at once.

I put it on the calendar.

The little one in my phone where I carry all of my appointments and to do list. Somehow this makes the gym a commitment that can't be backed out of, letting my brain get used to the idea that I have to be there all day. It worked like cake last night. If it keeps working, I'm going to be a whole new shape by summer.
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Seriously, thanks for sharing.

Boom! And suddenly you're BACK on LJ!!! Anywho - yeah - appointments are good. I've actually just gotten into the habit of going at lunch and I find that if I don't go my colleagues are all like, "Aren't you going to the gym??" It's kinda funny. Of course, to kick start this, I was going to lunch time classes at the gym. These were totally obligatory appointments. I had paid (albeit very little) to attend and I had the email addresses of all of the instructors of the various classes. If I was going to miss I would email them...otherwise they expected me there. And I wasn't going to disappoint.

Isn't it funny what a little routine and obligation does? Can't disappoint the others, but boy howdy are we allowed to disappoint ourselves. That's a terrible double standard!

I suspect it's a bit of hard-wiring. I'm not sure, I mean maybe if we grew up on a different planet this wouldn't be true...but on this planet...for some reason, we women are hard-wired to place others above ourselves. Maybe in some prehistoric age it helped to ensure that the future generations would live on - now it just keeps us from getting to the gym.

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