savannah (onsafari) wrote,


I went to the gym yesterday with minimal waffling. This is very good news. Putting it on the calendar definitely helped me get used to the idea that going was just part of the routine. It's amazing what routine does for getting things done. After the gym, I couldn't stop moving. I knew if I stopped that would be it, the tired of blowing out muscles during exercizes would take over and I'd just be done for the night. So I wandered around in a frenzy of cleaning - putting away dishes, clothes, doing laundry and cleaning cat boxes. When all of that was done, I crashed hard. It was a quick dinner (slowcooker food on gym nights) an episode of something I hardly remember and time to pass out.

Today I'm just sore enough that I need to remember to flex/stretch and drink lots of water to flush out my system. But right now, it's a party in my brain for the success of getting out!
Tags: fitness
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