savannah (onsafari) wrote,

3 things

To combat the massive frustration I'm feeling right now, I've decided to come up with 3 things that I'm excited/happy about. It's very likely that this exercise will end up being silly, but hot dang if I don't need to get into a different brain space right now.
  1. I have bread on my desk. Homemade bread that smells heavenly. And I didn't even have to make it. Sadly, I have no butter and decent self restraint. If either of those were different, I would no longer have bread on my desk, instead it would be in my tummy.
  2. My husband has agreed to let me put in an asparagus patch. Yes, I know, 2-3 years before I get to pick asparagus. But I'm ok with that, as long as I get those shoots. Also, there will be great entertainment value in watching the cats eat the ferny bits for 2-3 summers between now and then.
  3. The meal planning seems to be working out so far. Putting together a list of meals and adding them to the calendar I use on my phone is brilliant. Even better is that it does grocery lists. Lists with check boxes are awesome.
Tags: 3 things
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