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I just cracked my husband up with my Valentines gift "suggestion." I want a programmable thermostat. This is how the conversation went:

Me: I've figured out what I want for Valentines.
Him: You want something for Valentines?
Me: Yes, I want a programmable thermostat for downstairs.
Him (laughing): Not chocolates or flowers...
Me (talking over the top of him): Not chocolates or any bullshit dead things. Why are  you laughing?
Him (still laughing): Because I knew where you were going with that.

It's practical and something I've been thinking about for a while. Why shouldn't I get it now when he wants to do something nice for me, instead of later when we'll have to negotiate about it?

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What port does the thermostat listen on? ;-)

Now see, it wouldn't be hooked to a wall heater if it had a port.

"I knew where you were going with that."
Charming :)

So did you get the thermostat? Surprised you didn't ahve one already.

He was genuinely surprised that I wanted "something" for Valentines. It's better than giving him chores on his day off though. He gets so many more vacation days than I do that I end up giving him one or two tasks for each because if I have to work, he doesn't get to play ALL day.

Anyway, it's for one of the downstairs in-wall heaters. This house is so insane that there are 3 thermostats downstairs, in addition to the central heating one. I think they hired an insane builder for the addition. Nothing down there makes any sense at all.

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