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The perils of the PNW

One of hte things I love about living in the Pacific Northwest is that the weather is mild and there's greenery all year round. Unfortunately this leads to an interesting set of health issues - and hte potential for rickets of all things. At my last doctor appointment, I asked for a vitamin D test because I've been hearing a lot about how there just aren't enough sunny days up here. Lo and behold, I'm low; my rating was a 19 on a scale where normal is 30 to 50.

This ultra-low rating surprised me. I've been eating my green veggies and I take supplements with about 900 IU of D on a pretty regular basis. Seems that those numbers aren't enough though. The doc put me on a prescription dose of 50,000 IU a week for a month, going to 1,000 IU when that's done. Then we'll do a recheck in a few months, which I suspect will also return as really, really low. It's going to be a game of finding the right dosage of vitamins for a while, but that's a simple thing and easy to work with.

What I find particularly funny about this is that there's a listing under rickets for scoliosis as one of the end results. So now I'm wondering just how long I've been on this low end.

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Hmm, I'm pretty sure I'm pale enough to get vitamin D synthesis from my computer screen light. I hope your count goes up when we get to the summer 18 hour daylight time.

That assumes that they let me outside. I hope that it goes up too, but it's pretty weird that it's so far down. I spent a fair amount of time outside last summer and the stuff accumulates in fat. Crazy metabolism stuff. So interesting.

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Those numbers just seem so insane. You should get checked too, you know. You don't spend enough time outside. Rufus is too much of a bar dog. ;)

Yep. I take a multi with D and a daily of 5,000. Still not chance of getting an OD. I'm basically never in the direct sunlight. Call me Vampire.

And now you have another nickname. :)

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