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Happy weekend

After getting over the up-way-too-late-working hangover Saturday, I got a lot done. There was tons of cleanup around the house, messing around with my folks, and installing of electrical bits around the house.

The Valentines gift my husband and I gave ourselves was not only a programmable thermostat for downstairs, but also a digital, programmable light switch for the porch light. No more coming home to a dark porch and finding the key hole by feel (I was getting pretty good, but that's just silly). Also, no more leaving the light on all day to have light in the evening. This is so exciting! I've wanted one of these things since I read about them in the Handyman magazine. All of these fantastic little projects getting cleaned up and done. It's a wonderful feeling.

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Ok, I need one of those programmable light thingies - the "dark detector" thing doesn't work. Hook me up with a URL?

It's the GE Smart Digital Timer and I am in love. It's a switch and a timer with so many combinations it's kind of freaky.

Let us know what you think after about a month...if you still like it, I'm in. :)

On which one? The thermostat or the light?

Why not just a motion sensor light?

Elk, deer, bears, cougars, raccoons, neighbor cats and dogs, and the bat that lives nearby. Our electric bill would be insane!

The little household projects are the ones we're focusing on these days, too. It's amazing how the little things can make you feel like you've conquered your home, hey? Doorhandles, dimmer switches and light fixtures, FTW.

Ooooh, the light switches. I love all the automation they've come up with lately. Fans with timers that have buttons and numeric values are still one of my favorites.

I love having dimmers on our bedroom and dining room lights.

I say that, but I also love the fact that the light switches in our front hallway appear to be knob and tube (though all the electrical has been updated - I think it's just the switches). I just went looking for an online version of these switches, and I can't find it anywhere. This model appears not to have been widely used. And now - I'm wondering if it's bakelite.

Oh man, those sound so cute. It's really too bad that the modern switches don't have any style.

I'm quite taken aback that I can't find a record of this kind of switch anywhere. You can find the old pushbutton ones, but this is a turnable switch with the same clicky-style mechanism.

I'm going to have to take photos.

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