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Pampered cats

I have the fussiest cats ever. They get their special meals (all meat, mostly the kind they prefer) and we spend some time making sure they're getting the right amounts of vitamins and supplements. Phil even gets supplemental glucosamine  in addition to the taurine they both get to make sure they're healthy.

But the Molly cat is fussy. Phil bullies her and will push her off her dinner if we let him, just because he can. Even when they're having the same thing, if she's eating it the food automatically is better. So I spend time policing the eating while my husband makes us dinner.

Sometimes this little ritual gets ridiculous. Moll misses the summer and would rather be outside than eat. But that's not allowed in the dark because I don't want to have to go searching a dark yard for a cat when I want to go to bed. That doesn't damp her enthusiasm at all, it just makes her more antsy at feeding time. So instead of eating, we get a dissertation on why she should go outside. And of course, the food is deemed poison.

But if I take the food someplace quiet and sit doing nothing exciting, it's no longer poison. Once I've been sitting a minute or so, and she's made 3-5 passes at the poison, all of a sudden it's time to eat. She stuffs down the food until she's full, as long as nothing else exciting comes along. But it seems like the first thing is that I must be sitting near the food. Cause really, I don't have anything better to be doing than watching a cat eat.
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speaking of raw food. Do you have any idea how much you spend on meat and freezer per month for the cats? Matt and I are trying to re-budget for the cats - and it's starting to seem like maybe - just maybe - plain old meat would be the best idea for them and us. Don't even get me started with the long strange trip this has been and will continue to be...but anyway - was just wondering if you've figured out what you spend on a monthly basis.

I don't have it down exactly, I suppose I really should pay more attention. We try to buy meat for them at about $1/pound. And cats only need 2-4% of their body weight in food each day. So that works our to about $1/day for their food. The freezers are minimal, mostly because I keep them fully stocked, so they use less energy. And freezers are cheap anymore. There's always one on craigslist or freecycle somewhere.

From our perspective, it's so much cheaper it's not even funny. Vet bills are crazy expensive.

true enough. I hadn't thought about trying to freecycle for craigslist for a freezer (fear that it was once used for dead human bodies, I guess) but that is a good idea.

I've been thinking a lot about this. Meat at the supermarket is usually around $2+/pound. So I'd have to figure out a way to get it for less and get it ground (at least for starters - I suspect they would gobble up the ground more quickly than just cut).

We are currently paying probably close to $1.50/cat per day on food. That's Dry and Wet. The Dry is grain free and the wet is wheat free. But then you add in the supplements (like glucosamine that they won't need if they start to get more connective tissue and bone)....and it's kinda probably more like $3.50 for the two cats to eat a day.

So see? Raw is cheaper. And if you shop the sales, you can get meat for about $1/pound. There's always something on sale for that range. Having a good freezer opens up more options too.

Dang - that is one fussy cat. The worst thing I can say about mine is that they don't like to wait for their food to show up in the morning, which means looming, walking on heavy paws on us, scrapping in our room and yes, sometimes, barfing at will.

She's fussy in all sorts of crazy ways. It's funny watching her try to get comfortable, because things must be JUST SO.

Ah, the stomping kitties. You have to love that.

I don't know how all cats seem to know this trick, but I've yet to encounter one that can't double or triple their own weight when they want your attention.

Can't kids do this too? I think I remember hearing that in the middle of a tantrum, the flinging body weight of a child is about 300% of normal.

You're referring, of course, to the toddler dead drop. That's a special kind of beast, nearly always employed when you're not equipped to pick them up.

It's just scary that that actually has a name.

any parent in the world will recognize it by this name, though they may well have their own versions of it. Involving swears. ;-}

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