savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Pampered cats

I have the fussiest cats ever. They get their special meals (all meat, mostly the kind they prefer) and we spend some time making sure they're getting the right amounts of vitamins and supplements. Phil even gets supplemental glucosamine  in addition to the taurine they both get to make sure they're healthy.

But the Molly cat is fussy. Phil bullies her and will push her off her dinner if we let him, just because he can. Even when they're having the same thing, if she's eating it the food automatically is better. So I spend time policing the eating while my husband makes us dinner.

Sometimes this little ritual gets ridiculous. Moll misses the summer and would rather be outside than eat. But that's not allowed in the dark because I don't want to have to go searching a dark yard for a cat when I want to go to bed. That doesn't damp her enthusiasm at all, it just makes her more antsy at feeding time. So instead of eating, we get a dissertation on why she should go outside. And of course, the food is deemed poison.

But if I take the food someplace quiet and sit doing nothing exciting, it's no longer poison. Once I've been sitting a minute or so, and she's made 3-5 passes at the poison, all of a sudden it's time to eat. She stuffs down the food until she's full, as long as nothing else exciting comes along. But it seems like the first thing is that I must be sitting near the food. Cause really, I don't have anything better to be doing than watching a cat eat.
Tags: cats, raw
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