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Can I just say that carving rabbit first thing in the morning is not my favorite? I really didn't have any idea how messy the are to work with until I had to get the cat food ready this morning. We've been doing sanitized ground for so long that I'd forgotten about how gross they can be. It wasn't until our supplier ran out of rabbits and we had to resort to the whole bunnies left in the freezer that we really got to looking at them.

But now, we're finally looking at 2 cats that will eat chunks of meat! This is a huge victory as Moll has resisted anything but ground rabbit so strenuously that I was certain she'd never bend. But after my husband has been diligently grinding rabbit at our own house for a couple of weeks, she's finally used to the chewing thing and ate cut up chunks this morning for breakfast.

We talked of little else on the way to work. This small victory is so long coming, I still want to do a dance of joy.
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What is Sanitized Ground? How's it sanitized?

I really meant it was just chunky meat. No head, no eyes, no identifiable parts. That's the creepy bit first in the morning.

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