savannah (onsafari) wrote,

The other night I noticed a giant black thing on the ceiling and made my husband get up to check it. I hate spiders and earwigs, but can deal with ant, so he's the default for identifying bugs. Turns out it was a giant cluster of ladybugs, propagating the species on the ceiling. He grabbed the wad, turned on the lights on the way to the door and then chucked them outside. This was where things got funny. He was taking forever coming back to the TV show we were watching, so I got up to encourage him. I get up the the banks of lightswitches he was standing at (2 sets, 5 switches between them [this house is insane]) and start flipping switches to turn off the one overhead. I can never remember which is which down there, I only really use that room in the daytime.

He looks at me and says "Stop it!" as I work through all 3 switches  on the plate I'm closest to. I'll admit the resulting light switch rave was awesome.

He then proceeds to flip both the switches on the other plate, because he can't remember which one he turned on.

We laughed for about an hour after that. It's been 3 year and we still don't know one switch from another here.
Tags: relationships
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