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Holy cow

Yesterday we talked to the first set of people about getting an A/C unit to avoid the expense of last summers vet visits. The guy gave us a first blush estimate of waaay more than I was expecting. We even got some vintage sexism out of the deal. The reason we were talking straight A/C in the first place was to get a baseline for the cost differential on going to geothermal heating. It's starting to look like a pretty viable option with that crazy A/C number (which is still less than taking the cat to the emergency vet a couple of times in 90 degree heat).

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My sister got geothermal installed and man - do I wish we could explore the option.

It's a little terrifying. There's just so much going on there. But I tell you, if we already had heat and A/C, I wouldn't bother. We just don't get the temperature extremes you do in the Frozen North.

Ah, childhood in the north . . . .

It was a frozen, barren wasteland. My good friend Nantuk and I would drink beer and fish in holes in the ice, while dodging snowmobiles and flying hockey pucks . . .

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