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I would be such a helicopter mom if I had kids. This morning we had an incident with the cat - he's going to vet this afternoon with my husband who called in sick (but before I dragged my butt out of the house for work, it looked like it might be an emergency vet visit). I've been watching him for a couple of days because he just seems... well, off. Not really excited about eating and a lot of laying down when he'd normally be underfoot. And then this morning, it looked like an acute problem so my husband and I went into Massive Triage to see if the cat needed an emergency trip or could wait for the regular vet to open.

The helicopter part was the bit where I couldn't leave the house and had to interfere with his handling of the situation even after he volunteered to take Phil to the vet. I just couldn't let it go. Somehow, in my head, I was better qualified to handle this because I've taken him to the vet more frequently. Like that makes me more qualified. I know part of it was just worry, but now I'm a little appalled at how I acted. The worry brought out all of the ugly bossy parts of my personality.

I'll be apologizing to my husband tonight when I see him. He really stepped up today, and I need to tell him that I really appreciate it. No matter how horrible I may have been this morning.
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Hey - the fact that you can identify your own weaknesses in what happened this morning is a sign of being not-horrible, in the broader sense of the term.

There's a long way to go from seeing that to being able to do something about it. But it's all about the baby steps, right?

Seeing it has always been my biggest hurdle. After that, it's gravy.

totally about baby steps. I hope your boy is ok!

Nothing definitive yet, but he's perkier today. I think that's a good sign.

Tell him you'll make it up to him on May Day.

Oh man, some things just never die do they?

Heck, I probably still owe you some jokes about Shroomie or Laz from 20 years back :)

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