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Burned out

I'm running pretty hard into the introvert wall this week. It's been a really social and taxing couple of weeks and now I just want to pretend to be a hermit. My job is extremely social, so this takes more energy from me than I would like leaving little left for anything other than playing with cats and hiding behind a book. Oddly (and fortunately), hanging out with my husband is recharging even when I need to be alone. I think it's because he makes me laugh like a fool.

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I hit that wall a lot too. Fortunately I have a lot of remote meetings where I can be on a call and hiding at the same time. I still have to talk to people, but I don't have to be close enough to smack them (which has it's disadvantages too).

Ah, the joys of smacking. But yes, remote conferences are far less draining.

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