savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Of power tools and ditches

Finally, progress. The weather has been warm enough, in the 40s, to allow for digging trenches.Working with giant powered trenchers in the rain just isn’t a good idea, so we had to wait for the winter to turn a corner. And last weekend, it certainly did it’s job.

With the visit of the consultant, I was able to draw out a plan for 4 circuits to allow water to run to the garden. So we rented the trencher and went for it. There are now rows and rows of upturned soil just waiting to be smoothed and have pipe laid in them. We didn’t get any further than opening the trenches because the rocks here kept throwing the the chain off the machine. Two man rocks are just too big for even a good sized trencher to handle, and taking the thing back to the shop the have the chain reset multiple times sucked out a lot of usable hours.

But now, the initial routes are ready and the smoothing can happen at our leisure. I have the list of pipe to buy, and the drip system doesn’t require plumbing or electrical work to get us up and running. We’re so much further along than I anticipated! We can lay each circuit independently and won’t really need them until June, so we have tons of time to take this project in small, kind to our back, increments.

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Tags: gardening, localvore
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