savannah (onsafari) wrote,

The Crick

I have a thing in my neck, a pain and a kink and a stabby popping thing. It just won't go away - I've had it for 3 days now. It's like someone told 3 muscles that they'd have more fun if they threw a cuddle party and they loved it so much they don't want to stop. this means that using my right arm (I'm right handed of course) in certain ways causes pain. And when I try to stretch thos muscles, I can't. They're in just the wrong place to stretch via any means I know, and trying to pretend it's my neck just means my neck makes this horrible pop. Over and over and over again. It never stretches out, so the popping resumes every time I try to get relief.

There is good news though. I'm fairly certain that this Crick is because I was snuggled by 2 cats all night Saturday. They were passed out so hardcore that they couldn't be bothered to move when I attempted to roll over in my sleep. And that's really cute.
Tags: cats, health
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