savannah (onsafari) wrote,

And the furnace passed on

With all of our talking about looking into alternative heating arrangements, we’ve been looking at a time horizon of installation in May or so to beat the need for air conditioning in July or August. The A/C has to be in before summer – we just don’t want any more emergency vet visits because hot house + long haired cat = disaster. Anyway, we’ve been looking at relatively long time horizons, planning to take a leisurely approach to doing the analysis and ROI on geothermal against a traditional heat pump or A/C unit.

We had the first of the bids come in last week, with the second shortly thereafter. The guys who do the bids don’t like to work weekends, so I have to be home and with the project load at the office it just hasn’t been feasible to do more than one bid a week. I’d been planning to get in 2 or 3 more bids before getting down to business and really making a decision on where our best value was. That was what I was planning until Saturday when the furnace gave up.

My guess is that the thing was on its last legs anyway and just hasn’t been treated well over the years (we’ve never had it serviced and the poor thing didn’t even have a filter on the air intake until we moved in). But all the fiddling the sales guys did, with the poking and prodding and measuring, it sure feels like it’s vengeance on the furnace’s part. Either that or Murphy’s screwing with us again.

Anyway, Saturday over lunch we did a rough back of the envelope ROI and decided geothermal was the only thing we were going to bother working on. The cost to get the furnace up and running is insane, and really its money better used to get us into the final solution instead of band-aiding our current situation. So we’re going to be roughing it for a few weeks, hoping that it doesn’t get cold enough that the solar gain during the day is enough to keep the house warm enough that we don’t feel like we’re outside all the time. We’ll see how long that lasts. If we can get our decision made soon, we might have heat in time for the weather to get better.

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Tags: green, rural life
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