savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Jump up, little seeds

In the short time that I’ve had the seeds in their teensy seedbed, ther has been remarkable growth. These little guys are reaching for the light like nobodys business. The difference between the actual growth these starts are showing and the sad attempts to get seeds started last year are remarkable. But then, I’ve made some changes this year.

My current setup is a cheapo metal shelving unit with the start bed in a cookie sheet. I’ve cut the bed so that it actually fits, as opposed to last year where I had it canted at an angle. I water the seeds from the bottom by dumping water in the cookie sheet and allowing the plants to pull as they choose. This seems to be much better than having the sheet on the counter; it was ust an enticement to the cats to graze on my starts last year. The seem to really like baby broccoli.

The biggest, and most important,  change to the setup is the addition of a shop light hanging right above the seedbed. I run it on a timer for 8 hours and it provides heat and light with the right intensity to get the seeds to germinate well. So far I’m at 100% germination, which is way above average. If each of these little guys keeps going at this rate, I’m going to fill the garden from 2 cookie sheets worth of trays. I love that idea.

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Tags: gardening, localvore
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