savannah (onsafari) wrote,

The house was so cold today that the floor boards are making cracking sounds. It worries me more about the state of the floor than anything else, as it's only down to a damp 60 degrees. We'll have to look into waxing the floors this summer so that whatever is going on with them gets handled.

As a result of the chill, I spent most of the day working downstairs instead of in my office. The gas fireplace is down there, so its easier to heat that space than the entire house, since the furnace isn't working at all now. This change of vantage meant that I got to see all the birds that visit the front yard. I as amazed at the numbers - whole flocks of juncos, several thrush pairs, the obligatory robins and even a flicker. Man, those red cheeks were pretty. Of course, all the fluttering made the cat crazy, so I sent him outside to chitter at them from somewhere other than right by my ear. He's terrible at stalking birds, it seems he's best at the big animals like deer and elk. Fortunately that also means we don't have to worry about him bringing in dead things to eat for his dinner.
Tags: rural life
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