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What an excellent weekend. Saturday I went semi-mountain hiking with ms_monkey and vanderbolt. It was a perfect day - overcast and not too cold. The 3.9 mile round trip was just the right distance to be able to do and not get too tired, especially with my stupid leg with the bad knee and touchy ankle. In fact I made it all the way home, and out and back from dinner before it totally freaked out on me. So I definitely need to do that more frequently.

Also, while on this hike we ran across a couple of people that had lost their way on the interconnected trails and were able to guide them back ti civilization. It was a fantastic thing to be able to get them down and back to their car. But I tell you, if we had been even numbers, there's non way I would have joined up. I'm just too paranoid, especially in situations where there's no one in shouting distance.

I also transferred some of the whole prey that my cats just wouldn't touch over to ms_monkey. Her cats loved the stuff, so that was a spectacular use of things that have been sitting in my freezer for ages.

The best part? When I got home, my husband had FIXED THE FURNACE! He's amazing, and I love him to pieces (literally, come the zombie-pocalypse). We now have heat in the house. We're still working toward getting stuff done in the geothermal realm, but it's not nearly so urgent now. Well, except that I really want to get the garden going and I have to wait for the destruction to complete before I can take care of that. But HEAT!

And Sunday was for decompression. I fed the cats, both of them ate pork (a first in our house), and chased off the elk trying to decimate the new serviceberry tree. It was nice to be inside hiding from the pouring down rain. Lazy Sundays are awesome.

My right leg is now fully functional, and I only have slight muscle soreness left. This means that there will be much more hiking in the future as I had a great time and the serious lack of pain is a first.

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Somehow your reference to being fully functional makes me want to refer to you as Commander Data ;-)

Oh how I wish I could just swap out this leg. Where are my replacement parts?

Forgot about your knee/ankle. Glad that hike wasn't too much. I know what you mean about even numbers - though we could have taken her out easily enough and had the tables turned, we could have held that little pup with them hostage.

vanderbolt is practicing being nice to strangers. When we dropped those two off at their car and were alone again he said, "See, I can be nice. When I'm not nice, it is because I have reason to fear the situation." This was in reference to an issue we had with a little old lady trying to get some things from one place to another and being too weak to do it herself. I helped her and my husband was a bit upset that I took the time to do so when she was clearly a potential threat. I saw no such threat. In fact, our woodland friends seemed like a bigger threat...but something about my husband assess country threats as far less likely than city threats.

Oh, that cracks me up. My husband and I have very different threat perceptions, but I don't think little old ladies would set either of us off.

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