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The house is still cold. The furnace isn't working, except on a whim, so we're making due with electric heaters (thanks sunblock_boy!) and trying not to get too pissy about needing blankets everywhere. But! We've picked our geothermal people, so it's only 3 weeks until that's done. And Also! They have volunteered to fix the current furnace for $100. This is about 10 percent of what the crazy person on the phone was quoting me. And we'll probably spend that much on the terrible inefficient heat we're struggling with. So yay for heat!

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so when does your furnace get fixed?

Someday. I'm hoping today or tomorrow. This is SOOOO old.

Geothermal will be awesome, once it's installed.

I can't wait. And of course, this is all taking place during the busiest time I'm going to have this year at work, so being at home to make sure they don't break things is hard to shuffle. At least the furnace fix will buy us time there.

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