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Destruction before the build

I’m working from home today because the excavators are here. Hmm, I may have forgotten to mention that we’ve picked a vendor and started the work. Well, that was only 2 days or so ago, so I’m not too far behind.There’s a lot they’re going to do in addition to the geothermal install, including a hot water tank revamp and some new ducting. We’ve even decided to go ahead and have them to all the framing, sheetrock and orange peel/paint work. Get it done in one fell swoop and just be done with it.

Anyway, they’re making huge holes in the yard, digging trenches and filling them back in. Fortunately, they haven’t forgotten to put the pipe in the dirt for the new heat pump and there are fewer coils sitting around in the yard. This is excellent news, but has some interesting side effects.

  1. The cats haven’t been outside and it’s nice out. The whining has been pretty irritating, but they’d hate it out there with all the machines and men. Not to mention all the gates are wide open.
  2. The meadow is toast. That’s where they’re putting the “slinkeys”, so it’s all been pulled up and covered over again. This means lots of rocks on top of the soil, and more grass seed. Ah well, it will be worth it in the long run.
  3. I will soon be able to start planting the peas. Once the big work is done, I can get peas and beans in the ground. The irrigation work will come later, but it’s not strictly required until May. Lets just pretend that’s more than 2 weeks away, ok?

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my beans are doing nothing in the ground...perhaps you have them started as seedlings already. I think I got too eager about planting. My tomatoes don't seem very happy (at least 2 out of three are starting to qualify for failure to thrive) one strawberry is dying...but the zillions of others are fine. And my eggplant doesn't look happy - but I put a blanket on him and the sad tomatoes. I'll wait a week, watch for new growth and yank them if they don't seem better. At work my cucumbers and squash don't actually look too unhappy... kind of weird b/c the basil is pissed to be left out in the cold. I need some of those plastic cone hot houses or some old plastic milk jugs -- but I don't have a source for either :(

My tomatoes won't go in the ground until May - I learned that lesson last year. We had frost over Memorial Day. And the peppers won't arrive until mid-May. I expect to keep them indoors until June, and then start hardening. It's just too cold around here.

I keep meaning to build a cloche or something, but I just can't seem to get around to it. It's not like it's hard, there are just too many other projects in the way. :(

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