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My husband made the mistake of taking me to the nursery yesterday. We now have 25 little strawberry plants in the yard. And! I have asparagus waiting to be planted. This is so exciting! I don't know where to put it yet, but I'm so excited I can hardly think. Next year there will be little green stalks for EATING.

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Oooh, precious. Nursery visits are verboten for now. We have nowhere to put them, even though I'd murder or maim for fresh strawberries.

I have to stay away for most of the year. I was coveting all the plant in the entire place. But we're moving to a more edible yard, so most of the pretties aren't on the list of "approved" plants. It makes it very frustrating, so picking up the asparagus yesterday was heaven!

Do you grow nasturtiums? They are a great way to get "pretty" into the more "pragmatic edible"; and if you've never had one, they taste like mild radishes.

Edited at 2010-04-19 09:25 pm (UTC)

They are soo good. My mom grows them and we have them in all our salads when they are in season and I'm home...so that hasn't been for a long time...but when I was a teen...so good!

I have, I'd just forgotten about them. Now I need another seed packet!

Confession: I could live without every single flower in the world if I had a really thriving fruit and veggie garden.

That sounds like a heck of a challenge. These short growing seasons just aren't good for getting much but moss "really thriving" over here.

I can't even tell you how short ours is - blink and you'll miss it.

I think when I retire, I shall build a greenhouse. ;-}

Naw...we have a longer growing season than my mom does in MI and she grows bushels of veggies...she is actually jealous of our growing season out here.

I am so jealous of your move to summer crops, I can hardly stand it.

Yeah. I'd have to say that being able to garden year round here is a pretty big compensation for the 108, 109, 110 degrees it gets in the summer. (And, it took me a few years of living here before I could see *ANYTHING* as compensation for the heat because I really. couldn't. stand. it. Now I think I'm finally used to it; or, at least, 'used to it' enough that I don't turn into a raging psycho bitch from May-September! :) )

This year I'm trying to go almost entirely with native seeds (we've got this great organization here, Native Seeds\SEARCH) for my summer stuff ... stay tuned for some sort of funky yellow watermelons in a few months! :)

Your local wildlife will appreciate you very much :)

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