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Last minute vacation

My husband and I are planning to get the heck out of town next month. We're both going a little insane from the workload and the stress of doing this work on the house. Unfortunately the only time I can get away from the office is Memorial Day weekend. This is not ideal, we're not good with crowds, but we really need to get away for a few days before one of us snaps. If it's me, it will be while I 'm in the office, very likely in a meeting with a VP. This is Bad.

So we've spent the last couple of days bouncing around ideas and finally settled on Kauai. At least, until one of our bosses changes their mind tomorrow and I do actually snap. Then the vacation will be somewhere padded.

So if anyone has any info on Kauai, please let me know. At this point we've randomly picked it because it's 1) sunny and 2) Not Here.

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I've got lots of info...will let you know about it on Weds. Will bring my map.

I'll be in Tuesday. This is how much I need to get out of town!

I have no info except that sushi in Hawaii is supposed to be amazing AND that in general it is hot there. I don't like hot places...but sushi may make it worth it.

Ooooh, that sounds awesome. Also, it's hot for certain values of hot. It should be ~80 - I check these things in advance because I'm made of water and moss. Melting is bad. Also, this is why we ruled out Tuscon as a getaway.

also - speaking of sushi. Sushi Mel is in Kent Station at a conveyor belt sushi place. But he's getting to make his special rolls...and you can total tell which ones are his. He asked after you and Mell.

Sounds like this might be our next dinner out!

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