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The excavators have come and gone for the new geothermal heat pump, leaving little behind to show that they were here. There are 6000 feet of pipe in the ground, coiled around so that its laid out in six 100 foot sections like a slinky that’s been stretched beyond its endurance. The pipe is even pressurized so that it’s all ready to hook up once the new furnace gets here. This is really exciting stuff – we’re getting so close that a couple of days of interior work and we’ll get to start playing with the new system. We just have to wait for them to deliver it.


Of course, with all the trench digging we now get to replant the lower meadow – but I’ve found a lower cost supplier and we know more this time than we did last time about what grasses work and what don’t. Hopefully we’ll come up with a mix that works for the soggy sections of the meadow and the sunny ones.


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Tags: green, rural life
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