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There are things about yesterday, but I can't seem to weave them into a narrative without sounding whiny. So lets start with yesterday was awesome and I rocked it until about 5PM. Sure, it's been rainy and crappy out for the last week or so, but I was still feeling good. Making progress on things, rocking the universe. All good.

Then on the way home, I got hungry. Not a problem, just needed to eat dinner. It had been a light protein day, and I run on protein. Seriously, not enough and I start eating people to make up the difference. We were driving up the driveway when my husband and I had to stop and turn around due to the tree that the wind had blow over. Right smack on the driveway. No damage to our property, but it creased the neighbors fence. Thank goodness it was also their tree.

This is also no big deal, in fact I'm surprised that this was the first time the driveway had really been blocked. We picked up a chain saw a couple of years ago for just this scenario. So we park the car and start walking up to the house. At which point I had a full-on hypoglycemic event. I managed to avoid falling down but the cold sweat, muscle fatigue, crazy heartbeat and attempt to faint was pretty awesome. Especially when attempting to climb the hill. I kept having to stop and just breathe because I wasn't functioning right. And having to explain what was going on more than once to my husband just about made me bite him. But he finally understood the gravity of the situation and got his butt up to the house to get me some food so I could avoid falling down.

Unfortunately, this set the tone for the rest of the night. Dinner was late because the chicken just didn't want to cook, the power went out for 3 hours, and I had to work until about 11. Which all sucked rocks. However! I got to nap in front of the fireplace while the power was out and when I couldn't stand it anymore, we pulled out the generator and got internet access back. So that definitely works, and is SO EXCITING. If only I didn't still feel a bit off, I'd be rocking the socks off today too.

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(Deleted comment)
Well, normal as can be anyway! I ate everything in sight yesterday and that seemed to help.

Of course not. There's still too much to do. Like eat foccacia!

yeah - matt and I have created code words after these kinds of major events have caused communication issues. all I have to do now is mention hunger and matt's on it, and the way his brain works that means that getting me food becomes the number one priority. Luckily we keep snacks in both cars - this helps a lot. You might consider keeping jerky in both cars for protein emergencies - or nuts. We also have code words like 'Brontasaurus' which I can only say when I feel like he's taken me at a vulnerable time and stomped on me emotionally like with a big dino foot. The implication being that I realize he didn't mean to but that he realizes that it hurt me none-the-less and needs to tred lightly as well as go back and fix the broken stuff he left in his tred. We also have the code word 'egress' after Matt assessed danger and started leaving me in his dust with zero explanation. Code words ROCK. They are part of the reason I never want to have to start over in a romantic relationship ever again - it takes a frigging long time to get the communication right - and it seems like it's always a work in progress. Egress just came up a few weeks ago.

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