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Like a bee

I'm so glad that I have such a fabulous husband. They've started the work for the heat pump install, and he's been able to be at home to sort the workers out. In the meantime I've been working back to back meetings and some evenings because things are Just So Busy. I feel so lucky to be able to just hand this sort of thing to him and trust that it will all end up ok. So happy.

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My hubby is at home moving our old TV out of the way, assembling our new TV stand and awaiting arrival of our new one. And I know for a fact that when I get home, it'll be perfectly set up, including the cables being pinned into place around the doorframes and baseboards, so that it will be tidy to boot.

Needless to say, I'm also quite happy with my fabulous husband. This is a marked difference from what I could've anticipated from previous experiences.

I'm so happy that you're in that space now. It's FANTASTIC.

This strikes me as a real growth post. I think the roles in my home are so totally reversed. If one of us worries about the other's ability to get something done - it is him worrying about mine...not me about his. Matt's a 'get it done' kind of guy.

I'm just a control freak - my worry has nothing whatsoever to do with his ability to do things. But I'm getting better!

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