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(no subject)

Today is the first day this week that I didn't wake up with a song from My Fair Lady in my head. Thank the universe for small favors.

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GREAT. Now I have one in MY head. That's just loverly!

I give people earworms sometimes too. A woman came through my line about a month ago. She asked for something, I forget what, maybe paper bags inside plastic (yetch! bad for the environment). I said, of course, then I started whistling "I'd do anything," from Oliver!

A minute or two later she said, "Thanks, now I've got that stuck in my head." Hey, it's what we call a Value Added Service in this household!

I had MFL in my head a few weeks back. Every friggin' song. Generally just the choruses. It all ended on the 20th of May - which since you mentioned MFL, I assume you know what that important day means.

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