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The other night, my husband and I were awakened by a mrowling cat with a full mouth and crunching sounds. I heard them and assumed the Mollycat had killed her favorite toy and was sharing the news with us, then eating its plasticky head. This would be standard procedure for her a couple of years ago - it seems that plastic mouse heads are particularly yummy. And the mrowing with a full mouth is about once a week. With this knowledge, I passed back out.

When I got up the next morning my husband shared the actual truth - the little monster had been prowling around the basement where the construction has left openings to the crawl space and found herself a mouse. Which she killed. Then came to share with us in the bedroom. And ate. The whole thing except for the nasty bits which he cleaned up.

I'm ecstatic and horrified by this news. I'm SO GLAD that she killed the mouse that was in the house. And crunching it up means that she's CHEWING, which we've been trying to get her to do for years now. But a mouse from the crawl space? That's been nesting in the fiberglass insulation? That can't be good. (Oh, and the leaving the nasty bits on the bedroom floor. But I didn't even see that and it can't be worse that bone-filled vomit.)

I think I'm going to decide on ecstatic and be done with it.

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Maybe the mouse hadn't been nesting in the fiberglass. He could have easily gotten in to the crawl space from outside and then up to the house b/c of things being left open. Mice and rats and such generally don't actually prefer to be in the house. Also HOOOOOOOORAAAAAAAY for chewing!!!!!!!!!!

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