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Morning visitors

A couple of weeks ago, while getting ready to head out the door to work, my husband and I spotted these little guys romping around the yard. It seems that midnight bandits like the daytime and climb chain link fences like monkeys or people. After taking these pictures and watching the wrestle for a while, we shooed them out of the fenced portion of the yard and watched them grab the links to hoist themselves up and out. I suspect that the lure of the compost bin and long grass, since mown, were too much for them to resist, but the shooing should keep them out for a while. Or at least that’s what I’m hoping – I’d like to preserve the illusion of the fence a little while longer.

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It's such a battle between how bloomin cute they are and how ridiculously destructive they can be.

Oh, how I know that. I'm hoping the personal shooing will help them stay out for a while. But Oh Boy were the cute wrestling with each other.

(Deleted comment)
Post more puppy pics! I need to see your cuteness source.

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