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Everything in its place

My husband and I rarely disagree about things, largely because we're well matched but also because he's extremely amiable. The one thing that we consistently disagree about is where certain things are appropriate. Specifically, flossing your teeth.

My husband has a problem with one small section of his gum line where his dentist has asked him to floss/stimulate that section of gum every time he thinks about it. Which leads directly to him flossing wherever he happens to be sitting, most frequently in the living room. I keep trying to tell him that it doesn't matter what he's doing, poking around in your mouth with floss or whatever should be done in the bathroom. (I won this argument with the toenail clipping but the flossing is a whole other level of stubbornness.) His argument is that he wants to be comfortable while doing it.

Honestly, I'm glad this is the sort of stuff we disagree about. It's so silly and inconsequential. But really, if he could just admit that flossing stays in the bathroom, we'd agree!

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I floss wherever I feel the need to; if I had to head to the bathroom it probably wouldn't get done. I don't do it in non-bathroom areas if my hands aren't clean, though. There are worse flaws to have, I think -- my husband doesn't floss at all.

Yes, of all the flaws, I feel pretty lucky. I also have the feeling this is an area where he's going to win - flossing is better. I'll just keep my squick over the food-flinging to myself.

Buddy used to be averse to the living room floss (which always followed popcorn in the evening), but since we started using plackers, it doesn't ick him out. In fact, he now travels with a placker in his pocket, and will whip it out at nearly every opportunity.

What is a placker? I clearly need one.


They really are awesome. Neither Buddy nor I have ever flossed so much in our lives.

Whoa. I'm right there with you on the flossing, but I'm firmly of the belief that toenail clipping can be done wherever so long as you're neat about it.

I've never seen anyone manage to clip toenails without having at least one shoot across the room and get lost. You can try cupping the clippers all you want, there's always one that gets free!

I just flossed at my desk. We even floss in the kitchen sometimes! I see very little difference between toenail clippings and the shards of cat claws that pop off - both get swept up when we clean the floors - though with the toe nail clippings we do try to keep them contained at the site of creation.

I'm think Plakers seem wasteful - I'd be less upset about that if I could be sure the bodies were made of compostable material.

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