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(no subject)

The cat brought in her first live critter today, which I discovered while on a conference call with work. Watching her come in, I thought "oh crap, no more goopy pine vole blood on the carpet." At which point she actually let go of the thing, it got up and promptly ran under the largest pot in the living room. Thank goodness it didn't go under the actual furniture or for the stairs. I did, however, have to drop the phone and run to find something that would allow me to pick the critter up without touching it. Seriously, the last thing I need is a bite from some rodent - hanta virus, here I come!
By the time I got to the little guy, he was breathing so hard I think he had a heart attack. I put him outside, sort of followed by the now wholly uninterested cat, far away from the house. No idea if he survived or not, but he has a better chance out there than in the house where I would have been obliged to kill him with prejudice.

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Wow, while on a conference call with work - what did you say, "excuse me, I need to rescue prey from my cat. I'll call you back."?

Nothing nearly so coherent. I just dropped the phone and ran. I did NOT want to have to fish that thing out from under the fish tank.

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